As everybody is well aware that the leading international fast food brands have been established all over India which includes Pizza Hut, Dominos Pizza, Pizza Corner, Mc Donald’s and Subway etc to name a few and has proven their presence in the market by making very good sale from their side and attracting lot of costumer to their store based on their product quality and style. And here u can notice people are adopting western trend in eating habits. and each time they need to visit different restaurants for each product eg: Pizza hut where there is only Pizzas &appetizers ,salads ,etc,but their is no availability of burgers and sandwiches. Likewise Subway has got only different kind of sandwiches and salads but their is no availability of burgers and pizzas etc likewise in Mc Donald’s u can find only burgers ,fries, but no sandwiches and pizzas.
and vise versa and all the mentioned products are very expensive. and all of them are non vegetarian and cater to only hy fy society and one visit will pinch the pocket .and also to take a franchise of the mentioned brands u need to spend in crores and the income is subjected to be limited.

So keeping in mind with the above back drop we have formed PIZZA XPRESS (American concept fast food chain of restaurants)which is managed by M/S YUM FRANCHISE self owned company

in which we have created unique menu which includes all the products available with the branded restaurants. Which they sell the most and also we have indinised the product according to Indian taste and flavors giving it an added advantage .And also we took great efforts in R&D of almost 4 years to bring the same taste & appearance and sizes ,packing.etc which is available with them. under one roof , with a price range catering to all sectors of the society.

While making R&D and surveying with the customers on day to basis we got to know that a large sector of the society is consisting of pure vegetarians. and they won’t visit the branded restaurants because they serve non veg food over there so most of them prefer to have the product but left with no choice of restaurants to visit so keeping all this aspects we decided to make our brand a exclusive 100%pure vegetarian concept .were we can rule on monopoly basis because tre is no such brands available as of now in the market.

We already started our first our store in Hyderabad at the following address 6-1-279/6, Padma Rao Nagar, Secunderabad,Andhra Pradesh,and since then never looked back . Now successfully running with 23 stores across Andhra Pradesh. and planning to expand pan INDIA .

As we are running the business for the couple of years practically we found that the food cost is around 30% along with 15% for other expense like salary s and rentals and around 5% miscellaneous expense are been occurring with us as of now.and can be assured to have good returns at the end of the day. and also we have selected such a machinery for running the show which is very Affordable in which we can provide the same taste and appearance .with 0%wastage.

We have developed the concept in such a way that we can start the concept with as minimum investment of rs 4,500,00/-(four lakhs fifty thousand only)(excluding
space) for a take away counter and we can start dine in restaurants with a minumus investment of 8.5 lakhs(eight lakhs fifty thousand only) (excluding space). we have planned the concept in such a way we can manage even at aspace of 100 sft upto 1000 sft

As per the training and the raw material is concerned we have the complete back up support of raw materil required to run the show . we prepare and pack entire raw material and give it readymate format so that in each and every store you get the same taste and appearance and we make sure that no body duplicates the product.

We already got our name registered for further franchise to expand pan india